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Plant Based

Wondering what products are plant based on our site? Our entire snack bar range is vegan, alongside a wide range of our protein powders. Whether you're looking for the perfect plant based on-the-go snack, a pre/post workout shake or bar, or a plant powered powder to use in your favourite vegan recipe, we've got you covered.

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Changing habits can seem Whey too daunting … get it? we’ve listed our top reasons why you should look to try Faba bean protein (fava bean) and potentially make the full switch from whey...
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Check out these useful tips for vegan options and swaps. Going vegan can be a bit daunting and learning how to veganise your go to meals can really help!
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Considering a vegan lifestyle but concerned with how it may affect your gut health? These tips on vegan digestion can help!
These gorgeous, glazed protein cinnamon rolls using our Vanilla Faba Bean Protein are the ideal sweet treat to tuck into at any time of day.
If you’re looking for recipe that’s delicious and different, these gorgeous vegan peanut butter cookie sandwiches are packed with protein.
Everyone knows that gingerbread is what Christmas is all about… this vegan gingerbread house recipe will leave you in the festive mood!