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swapping out whey for faba bean

Changing habits can seem Whey too daunting … get it? we’ve listed our top reasons why you should look to try Faba bean protein (fava bean) and potentially make the full switch from whey...
new protein bars blog main image.jpg
new protein bars blog main image.jpg

new choc covered vegan protein bars are here

They’re here! We have launched our exciting new range of choc covered protein bars and we can’t wait for you to try them.
Chris currie part 1 main image .jpg
Chris currie part 1 main image .jpg

chris currie rebuilding from the ground up part 2

We're shining a light on Chris's bowel cancer journey and follow his recovery in this 3 part series!


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keto blog header .jpg

an introduction to keto

Here at Pulsin we have created some fantastic products to help you on your keto journey and answered some questions around the keto diet.
which whey blog header image.jpg

which whey?

Choosing the perfect whey protein for you can be difficult and you might need some help. Check out this breakdown on different Pulsin Whey Proteins.
cinnamon blog .jpg

the benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon doesn't only taste delicious when added to recipes, it's great for you too! Check out this blog on the benefits of cinnamon.
coeliac disease.jpg

what is coeliac disease?

Check out this informative blog on coeliac disease and the difference between different gluten intolerances from Nutritionist Jennifer Bulcock
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