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How can I succeed at New Year – New Me?

How can I succeed at New Year – New Me?January 10, 2024

January can be a tough month for lots of reasons; here in the UK, January lies smack-bang in the middle of Winter, so the weather isn’t always what you could call pleasant, with dark mornings and early evenings delivering low daily sunlight levels and even lower average temperatures. January also comes straight after the Christmas and New Year holidays, when many people tend to overindulge or at the very least spend more time relaxing or socialising, leaving less time for exercise and sometimes taking breaks from established workout routines. The holiday period can also leave us financially short, as your basic modern Christmas can be pretty expensive, and going out and about to celebrate the New Year often isn’t cheap either.

With all this in mind, it’s easy to see why many people feel low in January, and although month one represents a convenient milestone in the calendar to kick off a list of self-improvement goals or New Year’s resolutions, it can seem far from the best month to start doing so.

Creating Good Health Habits

Fortunately, at Pulsin, we know a thing or two about forming good habits, and it’s this power you need to cultivate to succeed in hitting your goals for the New Year. The idea is not to make sweeping changes that are difficult to maintain but to start creating good habits that are hard to put off, and after some time, these new habits will just become, well, habitual. You’ll do them without thinking.

Avoiding Unsustainable New Year’s Resolutions

Making things easier and being kind to yourself is at the core of this approach; instead of committing to a 5k run every day and eliminating carbs from your diet, start with a 30-minute walk and replace snacks like crisps with fruit or a high-protein snack bar. In the first instance, you might find it a struggle to commit to a daily run and a strict diet, and pushing yourself too hard can have a detrimental effect on your mental health. It’s much more practical and sustainable to start with a daily walk and change your snacks, so the likelihood that you’ll give up these easier changes is much lower. After a while, this change becomes the norm, and you can increase your exercise or alter your diet further once you have enjoyed some success, and have some healthy habit wins under your belt. 

Gradual change and improvement can be far more successful over time for this reason. Making sure you have adequate supplies to maintain your changes can help you cement these good habits. That’s where we come in. At Pulsin, we’ve got lots of great offers running throughout January to help you cultivate and keep good health habits and speed you into a healthier 2024!

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All of these promotions will end on 31st January 2024, so if you’re looking for a helpful boost to help you kick off and maintain good health habits this year, make sure you take advantage of these offers while they are available.