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Which Whey protein powder?

Which Whey protein powder?July 22, 2022

There are lots of different types of whey protein on the market. Not sure which ‘whey’ is the right ‘whey’? No problem! This handy guide takes you through our whey protein powder products and will help you decide the ‘whey’ to go. (The ‘whey’ puns end here . . . we promise!)

Which Whey protein should I choose?

The difference between a protein isolate and concentrate is all down to the percentage of protein content, with an isolate having a higher protein content, typically around 90%+.

In whey protein powders the protein percentage is all down to the filtering process. A whey protein concentrate goes through micro-filtration, whereas a whey protein isolate goes through a micro-filtration and also an additional ultra-filtration process.

Although milk is the raw ingredient in both types, this difference in the filtering process can have a big impact on the final product. Here we take a look at some of the key differences between our Whey Protein Powders: 

Fat content

Pulsin Whey Protein Isolate is lower in fat when compared to our Whey Protein Concentrate. Although dairy fat has many benefits  compared to other fat sources, if you are looking to lose weight our Whey Protein Isolate may be a better choice for you as it contains less fat and calories.

Vitamins and minerals

Because our Whey Protein Isolate has an extra filtration step, it is slightly lower in vitamins and minerals than the Whey Protein Concentrate. The Whey Protein Concentrate is most noticeably higher in the B Vitamins, Choline, Calcium and Potassium.


Our Whey Protein Isolate has a lower lactose content than our Whey Protein Concentrate. This makes it the perfect choice for those with lactose intolerances. It also has a cleaner, less creamy or milky taste.


Our Natural Vanilla Whey Protein Powder contains 87% protein and is made using natural ingredients. It can simply be mixed with your choice of milk or water for a delicious on-the-go shake! Our vanilla whey protein is a great source of calcium and works really well added to your favourite sweet recipes, for an added boost!

Still not sure which Whey is for you?

It really depends what you’re using the powder to achieve.

Our Whey Protein Concentrate is a good quality protein, great value and perfect for those who exercise and want to consume an optimal amount of protein (20-25 g) post exercise. The extra vitamins and minerals may improve recovery, and the extra fat and carbohydrate make it a creamier tasting complete protein powder to have after exercise.

In comparison, our Whey Protein Isolate is also a good quality protein powder but is lower in calories. Ideal for those trying to lose fat whilst preserving lean body mass, using smaller servings throughout the day to increase dairy protein content. The lower lactose content also makes it ideal for those who are sensitive to the effects of lactose.

So which whey will you go for? Let us know on social media using the hashtag #whichwhey

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