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4 minute workout blog header .jpg

4 Minute Core Workout with Jeremy

4 Minute Workout - Core Workout with Jeremy

This quick core workout can be squeezed into your schedule no matter how busy you are! We are delighted to have one of our local Personal Trainers; Jeremy Bingham from Fitbing Personal Training.

Workout too short? You can amp it up by going through all of the workout twice, to take your workout from 4 minutes to 8!

This is a daily core workout to strengthen & tone your abdominal's.

The workout consists of eight exercises to be done anywhere (home, park of gym) all in under 4 minutes!

4 Minute Core Workout

  • Plyometric jump squat & floor tap × 16
  • Walkout into straight arm plank × 4
  • Press ups × 4
  • Plank with lateral toe taps × 32
  • Left arm side plank with reach under × 16
  • Get ups × 16
  • Right arm side plank with reach under × 16
  • Mountain climbers × 32

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Jeremy Bingham

have been in the fitness world since 2006 and became a qualified Personal Trainer in 2007. It is my passion and I love every second of working with my clients and seeing them achieve their goals. My client base is varied and includes first time triathletes, adults with weight issues, sport injury rehabilitation brides to be, and male and female strength athletes. I truly believe that my style of Personal Training can be for everyone at all levels.

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