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Supershake Bundle

Our delicious range of Supershakes are perfect for health & fitness enthusiasts and those following a plant based diet! Specially formulated by our in house nutritionists with different health benefits in mind, you can get your hands on all three Supershakes in this delicious bundle! We think they're some of the best protein shakes out there, simply add to water or your choice of milk and shake!

The bundle includes our 'Energy' Cacao & Maca Supershake, our 'Immunity' Red Berry Supershake and our 'Vitality' Vanilla Matcha Supershake.

Supershake Bundle
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This Supershake bundle includes:

1x 300g Energy Supershake - our Cacao & Maca 'Energy' Supershake blends pea, pumpkin seed and rice protein with Maca, Cacao and Vitamin B complex to provide a complete source of plant-based protein that is suitable for vegans and meets daily Vitamin B targets which support energy metabolism and can reduce fatigue and tiredness. Maca and cacao powder benefits include being a great natural sources of iron, vital for energy production.

1x 280g Immunity Supershake - our Red Berry 'Immunity' Supershake blends Pea, Pumpkin Seed and Rice Protein with Vitamin C and probiotics to provide a complete source of plant-based protein and Vitamin C is vital for a strong immune system. This berry protein powder contains over 1 billion live Bacillus Coagulans live bacteria which can improve gut health and is a daily boost of friendly bacteria.

1x 300g Vitality Supershake - our Vanilla Matcha 'Vitality' Supershake blends Pea, Pumpkin Seed and Hemp Protein with vanilla, matcha, spirulina and a vitamin and mineral blend to create a complete source of plant based protein along with a custom formulated vitamin and mineral blend. This contains, Magnesium, Iron, Zinc and B12. The spirulina is a great source of Iron which is vital for energy release.

Click below products for ingredients and nutritional information:

300g 'Energy' Supershake
280g 'Immunity' Supershake
300g 'Vitality' Supershake

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