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Let's Get Cooking Bundle

Give your recipes a protein punch with these two versatile plant based unflavoured protein powders!

This tasty bundle includes our Pea Protein and our Faba Bean Protein. Both of these protein powders have a neutral taste and are perfect for adding to recipes, they are also both heat tolerant so you can add them into soups and stews too!

Let's Get Cooking Bundle
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This bundle includes:

1x 250g Faba Bean Protein - our Faba Protein packs a hefty protein punch at 88% protein content and is extremely versatile with a neutral flavour and can be easily mixed with sweet or savoury dishes to boost your daily protein intake. It is also heat stable making it great for hot soups and casseroles.

1x 250g Pea Protein - our Pea Protein contains 80% protein, and like the Faba Bean is also heat stable, so is perfect for adding to your favourite recipes

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250g Unflavoured Faba Bean Protein
250g Unflavoured Pea Protein

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