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vanilla faba cake pops.jpg

plant based vanilla faba cake pops

Prep - 10 Minutes
Cook -
9 Servings

Vegan Vanilla Faba Cake Pops

These delicious plant based cake pops will become your new protein packed treat of choice! With 5g of plant powered protein per pop, you can enjoy these pre/post workout for a delicious boost, or with a cup of tea when the mood strikes you! What we love about these cake pops is that you can make them personal to you... use our delicious protein pop recipe and then add whatever chocolate and toppings take your fancy! 

Our Natural Vanilla Faba Protein is the star of the show in this recipe....with 80% protein and a naturally sweet vanilla taste this versatile vegan protein can be simply added to water or your plant milk of choice for a delicious shake, or added into smoothies, porridge or any other of your favourite recipes!

Whether you've been plant based for a while, or are starting to look for dairy free alternatives, Faba bean protein is the perfect choice to help up your protein intake, and support your nutritional goals. Our Faba Protein is also available as unflavoured, it has an incredibly mild taste and is heat tolerant, meaning it can also be added into savoury dishes such as soups and stews. Check out our Unflavoured Faba Bean Protein!

Looking for some more plant based inspiration? Check out our wide range of vegan recipes.

Vegan Vanilla Cake Pops With Protein Powder In Background| Pulsin Recipe | Faba protein
Vegan Vanilla Cake Pops One With A Bite | Pulsin Recipe | Faba protein



  • 60g Pulsin Natural Vanilla Faba Protein
  • 50g nut butter
  • 30g maple/agave syrup
  • 60g oat flour
  • 60g dates, soaked and drained
  • 200g plant based chocolate of choice to cover
  • Lolly/wooden sticks

  • Topping suggestions: chopped nuts, raspberry powders, coconut, cinnamon



Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until a dough is formed. If needed add another spoon of water. Divide the mix into 12 portions and roll into balls by hand.


Poke your lolly sticks into the balls and place on a tray- stick pointing up (if you don't have anything suitable poke some holes in a cardboard box and use this as a tray). Chill these in the fridge for about 30 mins.


Melt your chocolate and prepare your toppings ready to sprinkle.


Holding the lolly stick, submerge the balls in the melted chocolate and gently tap off any excess.


Aim to cover around 6 of the cake pops before starting to add toppings. Sprinkle on your toppings and stand them upright to set. Then complete the other half of the cake pops.


Wait until they have solidified and enjoy!

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