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mac cheese recipe header image.jpg
mac cheese recipe header image.jpg

top 5 feel good vegetarian recipes

Looking for some veggie inspiration? Look no further! These delicious recipes will have you covered from main meals to delicious snacks!
vegan foccacia 1.jpg
vegan foccacia 1.jpg

vegan sundried tomato and olive focaccia

This delicious plant focaccia recipe will become your new go to!
vanilla faba cake pops.jpg
vanilla faba cake pops.jpg

plant based vanilla faba cake pops

These delicious vegan vanilla faba cake pops are the ultimate protein packed treat!

Pulsin Recipes

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corn pancakes recipe header image.jpg

savoury corn pancakes

Laced with sweet corn, these pancakes are savoury, with a hint of natural sweetness that makes for one mightily delicious brunch!
quinoa cakes recipe header image.jpg

pea protein quinoa cakes

Vegan friendly, high protein, SUPER delicious quinoa cakes. Ideal for making use of leftover quinoa.
bread recipe header image.jpg

simple protein oat flour bread

This oat bread is so simple to make and has a beautiful flavour and texture. It’s similar to a soda bread consistency, dense but not too heavy.
mushroom risotto recipe header image.jpg

mushroom oat risotto

Thick and creamy with just a little bit of bite. This is a delicious alternative to your standard rice risotto.
peanut butter flapjacks recipe header image.jpg

peanut butter protein flapjacks

A simple, quick no-bake flapjack recipe which is much tastier, healthier and crammed with goodness than many shop bought varieties.
sweet potato  rosti recipe header image.jpg

jumbo sweet potato protein rosti

Spiralized sweet potato bound with egg and a little protein powder fried up in coconut oil and topped with protein cream “cheese”…quite the alternative breakfast!
sweet potato pizza recipe header image.jpg

sweet potato pizza

A thin and crispy sweet potato pizza base, the perfect grain free paleo alternative, nut and coconut free to boot!
sweet potato recipe header image.jpg

protein cream cheese sweet potato

Faux cream cheese made from a blend of cooked egg whites, stevia, whey protein and yogurt! A mighty topping for a baked sweet potato of a high carb morning!
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