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Our History

  • 1998

    The three of us met over fifteen years ago when we were students at Bristol University.

    Every night after lectures we would hatch plans over the dinner table and one evening we dreamed up the idea of opening a business together.

  • 2005


    Our first idea was to open up a healthy fast food restaurant in London...

    ...but after doing a lot of research, we realised it would likely bankrupt us. Although it was a kick in the teeth we took the knowledge we'd gleaned and went back to the drawing board (or the kitchen table to be precise).

  • 2006

    The first Energy ball we made in Nick's mum's kitchen.

    After one taste we knew we were on to something special. Wanting to make absolutely sure others agreed we stayed up all night mixing raw chocolate, dates and guarana and hand-rolling more balls on the kitchen table.

  • January 2007


    We sell our very first bar and take an exciting sales trip!

    We take a sales trip to a number of London stores; the Grocery in Shoreditch, Pomona, House of Mistry and Moreganics. In 2007, we make a respectable 60,000 bars, (or balls as they were known back then!).

  • March 2007

    Super Berry Raw Choc Brownie

    Leyton, East London becomes our new home as we get our very first kitchen!

    After moving in, we start making bars in earnest and selling door to door in London. Our first two bars are the goji burst and energy bomb. The goji burst still exists today under a different name and a slightly modified recipe. But is still delicious!

  • January 2008


    Our products are listed in Marigold, our first UK wholesale customer.

    We acquired a new listing in Wholefoods Market, still a happy customer today! Plus we make the switch from balls to discs (perhaps a throwback to Nick's days in Ultimate Frisbee!).

  • March 2008

    Maple & Peanut Protein Snack

    We launch our first protein bar, the maple & peanut protein bar.

    This is still one of our best selling bars today, and recently was listed in Tesco! We follow this bar up with a whole range of delicious protein snacks, combining rice and pea protein. Each a great option for post workout.

  • July 2008


    We make the move to beautiful Gloucestershire (taking our cue from Kate Moss)!

    Hiring a van and packing up all of wordly goods, we move the business to a new premises in Gloucestershire. Through our haste to sort out the business we forget to organise accommodation for ourselves and end up sleeping in the offices (whoops!).

  • March 2009

    Rice Protein

    Ireland beckons and we start selling outside of England for the first time.

    We start exporting to Ireland and shortly after do our first overseas trade show in Dublin. Arriving slightly unprepared, we luckily managed to borrow furniture from our hotel room!

  • 2010


    Pulsin goes digital and we launch our first website.

    It allows us to sell to consumers for the first time and although we've had many different versions it's still a great way for us to connect directly with you (our lovely customers!).

  • 2011

    Raw Choc Brownies

    We hit the half a million mark for the first time (in bars not pounds!).

    During 2011 we produce over 500,000 bars in a year for the first time. A huge achievement for us, but luckily we as directors are no longer hand-rolling each one (phew!).

  • January 2012


    Pulsin is growing so quickly that we outgrow our warehouse!

    So we hired an even bigger lorry and move the factory again to a new unit. Luckily this time just around the corner!  We also launch a brand new organic brand; beond.

  • 2012

    We celebrate making 1 million bars for the first time!

    New staff and machines mean that we finally go above 1 million bars for the first time during 2012. Essentially doubling our output in one calendar year.

  • June 2013


    We outgrow our warehouse (again) but luckily there's no van required...

    As we take on the next door unit, allowing us to expand the kitchen and warehouse. We are also taking on new staff all of the time to keep us with demand.

  • June 2015

    Pea Protein

    Here we go again, with another unit for Pulsin as we continue to expand.

    We take on yet another unit next door and continue our expansion of the kitchen and warehouse.

  • 2015


    We celebrate hitting the 5 million bar mark for the first time!

    Our extra space makes all the difference as our annual production exceeds 5 million bars for the first time. A mammoth task as we've tripled our output since 2012.

  • March 2016

    Kids' Bars

    We launch our first ever range aimed at children and perfect for the lunch box!

    Our range of fruity oat bars are gluten free, dairy free, soya free, non GM and vegan friendly. With three different delicious flavours they are also 1 of a childs 5 a day and nut free* making them the perfect lunch box snack.
    *Made in a factory that handles nuts and peanuts.

  • June 2016


    We've run out of space again and unfortunately we've run out of 'next doors' to take over!

    So we rent another unit, this time not next door but just across the yard. Moving our warehouse and giving our team some much needed space.

  • May 2017

    Pulsin Logo

    We celebrate our 10th anniversary with a brand refresh!

    Plus we take our first ever window display at Whole Foods Kensington.

  • 2019

    We launch our exciting Keto range!

    The plant-based range is perfect for those following a Keto or low carb/low sugar diet.

  • 2020

    We celebrate a new brand "refresh"!

    With a variety of new products and an updated brand message, we update our look to reflect our fresher outlook.