Health & Wellbeing Advent Calendar

Health & Wellbeing Advent CalendarNovember 21, 2023

Indulge in a season of joy and well-being with our Health and Wellbeing Advent Calendar! Unwrap the gift of daily delights by clicking on each window and discover a curated collection of wellness surprises. Crafted collaboratively by renowned health and wellbeing brands, this festive calendar brings together many well known brands. Win delectable vegan treats from Pulsin, savour uniquely delightful snacks from Purely, relish in the taste of exquisite cider and soft drinks from Bensons the Juicers, and set the mood with beautiful candles from Holistic London and watch out for our grand finale final day! Join us on this merry journey as we blend the spirit of Christmas with a celebration of health and happiness, offering you the chance to make each day special and enter into a festive prize draw!

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