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Protein Pumped Yogurt


  • Birch syrup/maple syrup to taste

We hesitate to call this a ‘recipe’, it is literally the simplest thing you can do with our protein powder to create a protein rich snack!

Super simple, super tasty and very versatile. Don’t like the sweetness of syrup, why not try berries instead? You can experiment with different types of yogurt, varieties of protein and a smattering of different toppings.

Want coconut yoghurt, smashed with rice protein and topped with cacao nibs – go right ahead. Thinking about trying almond milk yogurt, infused with Organic Sunflower Protein and topped with nuts – sounds great to us.

Whatever you use, from dairy free to nut free we’d love to see what you whip up!

img_0405Yogurt 3


  1. Mix the ingredients together in a bowl and enjoy!
  2. Delicious with mixed berries or sprinkled with nuts.

Yogurt 4