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Personal Trainer Approved Recipes and Products

Vegan Choc Pea Protein Smoothie

Dairy-Free Strawberry and Vanilla Whey Smoothie



  1. Place all the ingredients into a Nutribullet – or blender – and blend.
  2. Add more milk depending on how thick you’d like the smoothie.


Vegan Choc Pea-Protein Smoothie

Pea protein is extracted from yellow peas and currently one of the best plant-based forms of protein on the market. It is fast becoming a firm favourite with gym-goers and others looking to make healthier substitutes for dairy, gluten or animal products.

The essential parts of our bodies are made up from protein, and Sam, a Personal Trainer from MotivatePT states, “The best balance between break-down and build-up of muscles – known as a
process called protein synthesis – and refuelling energy during any physical activity is by consuming foods rich in protein; and smoothies or protein snakes are quick and ideal in restoring growth, maintenance or weight loss.”

The vegan choc-pea smoothie is rich in replacing natural vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals you lose during exercise. The chocolate flavoured smoothie is tasty and blends well with water or almond/coconut milk without leaving clumps, or any strange aftertaste. And, with the addition of bananas and dates, your body replenishes a full spectrum of building blocks which your body needs to grow, enhance digestion, boost and aid weight loss. Banana and dates contain vital nutrients such as fibre, potassium and copper.

If you’re looking for something post-workout to cool down, or something a little sweet, Sam suggests pre-mixing your smoothies to take along to your workout to avoid temptation. Not only are smoothies or protein boosters sweet-tasting but they can alleviate bad – or hasty food choices, and be more effective to your work-out.

So, in summary, this smoothie will aid you in the following three ways:

  • Pea Protein in the smoothie digests slowly, which makes you feel fuller for longer, and assists your workout, rather than undoing all your hard work.
  • For improving body composition, weight loss and great for the heart, lowers blood pressure, and kidneys.
  • Improve glucose in the blood, which boosts your energy levels the natural away, as opposed to using other sugars.


Dairy-Free Strawberry and Vanilla Whey Smoothie

With the berry season approaching on us, strawberries are a great and sweet addition to vanilla whey smoothies; rich in antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and polyphenols, strawberries boost the immune system and assist in weight loss.

Paul a yoga instructor at MotivatePT said, “The high percentage of protein found in Pulsin’s vanilla whey protein means abundance in amino acids and healthy omega fatty acids, which help lose significant amounts of body fat. Increasing your protein intake will not only boost metabolism but also help weight loss, whilst strengthening muscles. Over time you’ll find a reduction in sweet cravings and feel more energised, which effectively will prolong healthier fitness and wellness habits.”

Protein Boosters

We all need a little boost sometimes, and the gluten free, dairy free, soya free and vegan Maple & Peanut Protein Boosters are proven to help replenish the body after a gruelling workout, by providing natural sugars in the form of glycogen to help muscles contract and ease that sore pain we often suffer the next day.

Personal Trainer, Shania who specialises in energy-boosting cardio workouts, often finds her clients make bad decisions on the basis of wanting something sweet-tasting to take the edge of their cravings, as well as trying to keep their hunger pangs at bay, and inadvertently undo all their hard work by opting to eat a snack abundant in hidden sugars.

Shania advises her client to carry a protein bar, or a pre made smoothie to ensure all temptation is cut out, and and find seldom rely on other sources of food to energize us. After having sampled the maple and peanut booster protein snack bars; Shania found the nutty and sweet-tasting snack really satisfying, with an added bonus of the bars being vegetarian, and vegan, and available commercially.

Paul sampled the Vanilla Choc Chip Protein Booster and recommended the protein booster to clients looking for a dairy-free, delicious snack bar to tackle cravings, whilst keeping full until mealtimes. He believes snacking in unavoidable, and the main motivations for reaching out for foods between meals can depend on contributing factors such as temptations, social environment, and time of day; which is why it is imperative to carry snacks that are beneficial to your health and diet.