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Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes

Pancake Ingredients


These pancakes are positively mighty. Packed full of goodness, they pack a rounded nutritional punch. Plenty of protein, a nice amount of carbs with a small amount of fat. When I have a little more time on my hands I like my post workout meal to be a little more fancy… days that I’m on the road it usually consists of a tub of cold, cooked the night before, oats with protein powder and banana stirred in. Delightful, but not quite as monstrously good as pancakes! Particularly green monster pancakes!

The base is lightly adapted from my oat and rice protein pancakes, with the addition of banana and of course a nice amount of spinach. Seeing as you are using spinach in order to get smooth batter you do need to whizz it up in a high speed blender or a Nutri Bullet might work too!

The batter makes four SUPER thick pancakes…but you could of course make thinner ones, in which case it would yield close enough to eight! I like my pancakes super thick and truly cake like. A thin pancake is a crepe in my mind. These pancakes are not only delicious but they are incredibly satisfying, just what I need after a good leg session.

I’ve made these with pea, rice and whey protein and all three worked out perfectly well. I quite like the distinct taste of Pulsin’s all natural rice protein so it’s my preference, the whey is a little more subtle in terms of taste and the pea lends itself to creating a slightly fluffier end result.

Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes 4                  Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes 1                  Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes 5


  1. Blend spinach, banana, almond milk and egg white to smooth puree in a high speed blender.
  2. Add in all other ingredients and blend until smooth.
  3. Cook in a non stick pan over a medium heat, greased lightly with some spray oil. Use 2.5 tbsp of batter per pancake for four thick pancakes. Cook for 3 minutes, flip and cook for 2-3 minutes more.
  4. Mix together whey protein, stevia and water to create a smooth icing.
  5. Serve pancakes topped with icing, dark chocolate (the quicker the better so it melts!) and mixed berries!

Green Monster Protein Smoothie Pancakes 3