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Delicious Flourless Recipes And Bakes With A Protein Punch!

You may have noticed the lack of flour on our supermarket shelves recently, and with more time at home, and more time for baking, this can be frustrating. BUT do not panic your baking dreams can still fulfilled with these delicious flourless recipes!

Protein powder is used in many of our recipes as the key dry ingredient; with some of our flavoured proteins being the star of the show, packing a punch in your flourless recipes and bakes. Don’t shy away from different types of flour either (these can still be found on many supermarket shelves.) Almond and coconut flour are a delicious alternative to plain or self-raising and you’ll be pretty chuffed with the outcome too!

We’ve made you guys a list of our top 10 recipes, including flourless recipes, and delicious alternative flour baking to satisfy all your baking cravings, with the added benefit of not just tasting delicious, but being good for you too! Now that really does sound like a win win.

1. Peanut Butter Protein Flapjacks 

Now this one is a goodie! Super easy to make and not a spec of flour in site. It get a delicious protein boost from our Unflavoured Pea Protein too.

peanut butter flapjacks

2. Protein Cookie Dough Vegan Mug Cake 

Looking for a quick  way to whip up a flourless cake for one? Look no further! A combination of our Unflavoured Pea Protein  and almond meal (also known as ground almonds) makes this a delicious homemade treat!

cookiedough mug cake (1)

3. Chocolate Banana Protein Pancakes

This one is for the breakfast bakers! Everyone needs a good protein pancakes recipe in their arsenal, and this one uses oat flour if you can get your hands on it, or alternatively blended up oats. With a scoop of our Whey Protein Powder this one is pretty epic!

banana protein pancakes

4. Coffee Protein Cake With Protein Frosting

Coffee cake is always a winner, and this one uses a combination of almond and coconut flour with a protein powder frosting. It uses our Whey Protein Powder and it’s bound to be a real crowd pleaser (or whoever you’re in lockdown with pleaser!)

coffee protein cake

5. Single Serve Pea Protein Cookies

Don’t like to share? Then this one is for you! One of our go to flourless recipes, these single serve cookies use our Unflavoured Pea Protein for a boost, and you can simply make one! (or like us 5…)

protein cookies

6. Vegan Rocky Road Protein Bars

Not only is this a flourless recipe, it’s also the DREAM. Can anyone resist rocky road? Let alone one that’s packed full of our Natural Chocolate Pea Protein too…

protein rocky road

7. Mini Sunflower Seed Butter Sanwich Vegan Protein Cookies 

These gorgeous flourless cookies taste as good as they look! The protein boost from our Energy Supershake (which is packed full of vitamins and minerals) takes them to the next level!

sandwich cookies

8. Granola Protein Peanut Butter Filled Jam Tarts

Peanut butter, jam and ingredients we can get our hands on? Yes please! These little gems get a protein hit from our Natural Vanilla Whey Protein too!

granola tarts

9. Immunity Boosting Berry Protein Truffles

For the chocolate lover in your life and as if it couldn’t get any better they contain our Immunity Supershake for a health boost (their no bake, flourless and oh so pretty too!)

no bake cookies

10. N0 Bake Peanut Butter Protein Cookies

When the baker in you doesn’t want to bake! These no bake cookies are delicious and a staple flourless recipe, with a delicious boost of vitamins and minerals from our Energy Supershake.

no bake cookies