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A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon Mini Galaxy Cheesecakes



  • 150g cashew nuts (soaked in water overnight or boiling water for 1 hour)
  • 15ml maple syrup
  • 75g frozen blueberries
  • 4 teaspoons of blue food colouring
  • edible stars (optional)

These mini A Shaun The Sheep Movie: Farmageddon inspired cheesecakes make a delicious treat! I used Pulsin’s Kids’ Strawberry Fruity Oat Bars as the base and it tastes so good! It’s a great recipe to make with your little ones too- a great way to spend a rainy day this half-term!  (and you don’t even need to tell them they’re healthy!)



  1. Firstly, add the Pulsin bars to a food processor and blitz until broken up.
  2. In a 12 hole mini tart tin, add 1 teaspoon of mixture and flatten down.
  3. Next drain the cashew nuts and add to food processor along with vanilla extract,maple syrup, lemon juice, frozen blueberries and dairy free milk. Blitz until smooth.
  4. Empty 150g of the mixture into a bowl, and add the blue food colouring to the remainder of the mixture. Blitz again until combined, and bluer in colour.
  5. Fill up the tarts with ½ of the plain blueberry mixture, and place in freezer to set for 20 minutes, before filling the remainder of the tarts with the bluer mixture.
  6. Place back in freezer to set for 40 minutes, before gently removing from the tin and topping with fresh blueberries and stars.