Strawberry Mango Protein Smoothie Bowl


  • 100g frozen mango
  • 100g frozen strawberries
  • 80g frozen banana chunks
  • 125ml - 160ml oat milk
  • 2 tsp maple syrup (optional)
  • 20g Pulsin Pea Protein

Topping Suggestions

  • Granola
  • Strawberries
  • Mango Chunks
  • Coconut Flakes
  • Goji Berries
  • Edible Flowers to make it extra pretty!

A post workout meal should be just that…a meal! A straight up shake just doesn’t cut it for me but this speedy thick and creamy smoothie bowl with a nice selection of toppings is satisfying, nourishing and laden with all the carbs and protein my depleted body longs for after an epic weight session. 

Check out my handy video to see exactly what to do! 






  1. Blend together all ingredients in a high speed blender with the exception of the pea protein. Start with 125ml of the oat milk and add more if necessary to create a smooth consistency. You may also need to add more once the pea protein has been blended in depending on desired level of thickness.
  2. Add in pea protein, blend until smooth, add more oat milk if the smoothie is too thick.
  3. Pour or scoop into a bowl and serve with toppings of choice!