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veganuary top tips .jpg
veganuary top tips .jpg

our veganuary top tips

Veganuary Top Tips

If you are taking part in Veganuary this year, then we salute you. We personally know how hard it can be to transition to a new lifestyle even just for 31 days.

For the last three years members of the Pulsin team have taken the Veganuary pledge to go vegan or 31 days here are our Veganuary top tips!

Here are our top tips for smashing Veganuary:

Utilise technology

Download an app such as Spoon Guru, which allows you to scan barcodes and check if products are vegan friendly. It’s a quick and easy way to shop!

Get your B12

Rather than taking a straight B12 supplement try our ‘Vitality’ Supershake, which is a complete source of plant-based protein and contains the recommended daily allowance of B12 too.

Make sure you sign up at

Signing up will make sure that you receive an email a day filled with recipes, tips, help and guidance to see you through January.

Use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to search for recipes and curate them too. You can also check out other users’ boards, so it’s often one of the quickest ways of finding simple and easy recipes to try.

Befriend your local health food shop

The staff in your local health food shop are full of knowledge on certain types of specialist food and nutrition, so if you are unsure its worth asking for their help. If they don’t stock what you are looking for (although it’s likely that they will do) they will be able to point you in the right direction.

Look out for special Veganuary menus

Many chain restaurants do special vegan menus for Veganuary, so it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled for menus and offers throughout January that you can take advantage of.

Go nuts

Nuts and seeds are a fantastic (and delicious) way to up your protein intake, so make sure you have some to hand to add crunch to salads and porridge or simply as a snack.

Get some nutritional yeast

Many vegans live by this stuff and it’s available in all good health food stores. It pops up in many vegan recipes to create a ‘cheesy’ flavour. Some brands also have added B12 too.

Stock up on accidentally vegan products

These are products that don’t market themselves as vegan but happen to not contain any animal ingredients. Oreos, Mr Kipling Apple & Blackcurrant Pies, various meat flavoured crisps are all vegan-friendly, so scope out what you already eat which you can stock up on.

Snack happy

When you first make the change you might find that it takes your body a while to get used to being vegan and at this point snacking can be key. Keep treats on hand, such as our High Fibre Brownies that will fill you up without being packed full of refined sugars.

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