Veganuary Diary – Day 31

So it’s here, the final day of January. Before I decided to take on Veganuary a few months ago I honestly didn’t think I would find it that hard. I generally always use plant-based milks and had always enjoyed vegan meals made for me by friends. I thought I’d find Veganuary easy.

When I decided to write this daily blog, I knew it was important to talk about how I’ve found switching to a plant-based diet day to day.  I became more creative, thought more about what I was putting into my body, found some great recipes and yes, at times found it really hard, a lot harder than I thought I would.

For the first week I wasn’t as organised as I probably should have been, I was also really surprised by how hungry I felt- pretty much all the time. This is when I realised how essential snacks were, and having a Pulsin Supershake at work helped massively in the morning. I think I underestimated how much my body would react to a change in diet- but after a few days my body did get used to it and I wasn’t hungry in the same way. In fact, when I did eat I noticed I never got that sluggish feeling you get when you eat too much, and I was so much less lethargic.

Over the next couple of weeks I discovered a lot of things I loved that I’d never tried before (and a few things I didn’t like that much). More than anything I found myself thinking outside the box, and choosing options eating out that I wouldn’t normally try. A stand out meal for me was when I went to Giggling Squid. They had a separate vegan menu and there were so many options! I had this tempura battered leaf dish with a spicy peanut sauce and it was amazing- I dream about the stuff. I didn’t feel like I was missing out in any way, it was just really delicious food that wasn’t dictated by the fact that it was vegan.

A week ago I talked a bit about what I’d learnt during Veganuary and you can find my top tips list here

I got tired of people saying things like ‘yeah it tastes pretty good for something that’s vegan.’ This wound me up a bit, good food is good food and you can have great pub grub that’s vegan and amazing fine-dining food that is vegan. I don’t think vegan dishes should be labelled in such a way.

Veganism is a way of life, and to all of those making the change permanently I applaud you, it has definitely made me think a lot more about things, and I hope in the coming months help me make positive changes.

If your interested in making the change DO IT! Try it for a day, a week, a month- and let Pulsin bars fuel you along your journey!


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