Veganuary Diary – Day 11


With the weekend almost here (yay!) I’ve been researching a lot of restaurants with Vegan options. Although a lot of places now have vegan alternatives I wanted to make a list of chain restaurants that not only cater for vegans, but also have some pretty awesome looking dishes that I’d really love to try and have a separate vegan menu that makes me feel special.

I haven’t tried their vegan menu yet but it most definitely tickles my fancy! The food pictures looks so colourful and who could say no quesadillas?!


Now this one I’ve tried and holy guacamole this pizza was GOOD. The Cheese alternative was so creamy and didn’t taste fake at all!


I’ve always been a fan of Wagamama and this menu does not disappoint, it has so many different types of options- this one might be my weekend treat!


Pulled Jackfruit burritos?! Ummmm yes please!


I LOVE sushi and knowing I can choose from a variety of plates makes this one a winner.


Need more options? Why not check out Veganuary’s Eating Out guide!


Where are your go to restaurants that have loads of variety? We’d love to hear about it! @pulsinhq #pulsinveganuary

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