Veganuary Diary – Day 10

This January there seems to have been an explosion of plant-based options in Supermarkets, particularly of the pre-made meal variety. Although I try and enjoy to cook from scratch we all have those nights where we want something easy we can chuck in the oven.

After hearing about it a lot in the news I decided to go to Marks and Spencer to check out the brand new Plant Kitchen range, which consists of a variety of plant based meals. I took some photos of what I found for you guys to have a nose. I bought the Lasagne for my Friday night treat and I’ll be sure to let you know how it tastes!

Marks and Spencer wasn’t know for the vegan options before they launched this range, and although some people might argue it’s come a bit late, its great to see large companies stepping up to the plate when it comes to plant-based living. So I say well done Marks and Spencer!




Where do you think is perfect for those lazy go to vegan meals? Let us know @pulsinhq #pulsinveganuary

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