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The Cook and Him Pea Protein review

We were immediately impressed by the range of products that Pulsin offer, from bars and brownies to protein powders. It’s really great see these products all being manufactured in the UK and we do love to support a local(ish) company for so many reasons.

Pea Protein is a really versatile product and is known for being heat stable, as we at love to cook delicious recipes we knew that this would be one we just had to try!

We tasted the product in direct comparison to 14 other vegan protein powders so we could be confident in a fair review of taste, texture, mixability and nutritional values. Pulsin’s Pea Protein Powder delivered in every area. Pea Protein simply mixed with water can be quite an acquired taste, so we mixed ours into a delicious smoothie with made with acai berry, blueberry, banana’s, almond milk and ice, all blitzed in a nutribullett and it was sensational. But the really interesting thing was the level of protein that Pulsin delivers, 8g per 10g of product! Now that is quite something.

If you have an allergy or intolerance to dairy, or in our-case are Vegan, pea protein is highly recommended and as a “slow digesting” protein it could keep you fuller for longer and combat craving when compared to Whey powder.

If you’re passionate about supporting a UK company who specialise in nutritionally balanced products then we would seriously suggest you take a good look at Pulsin, with 80% protein in their  Unflavoured Pea Protein this is a product you most definitely don’t want to miss!



You can find a selection of Pulsin Recipes using Pea Protein here.