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Our Pulsin Parents’ Top Tips For Pregnancy Nutrition and Protein For Kids

As part of our Collaboration with Burble Baby we asked a selection of our #pulsinparents here at Pulsin HQ for their top tips on protein for kids, and pregnancy nutrition.


First up Managing Director, Simon:

As the pregnancy progressed Janie became more interested in plant protein, especially beans. By the last month the baby was pushing up against her stomach and she had to have smaller portions but on a more regular basis. Breakfast became a more important meal and porridge with protein powder mixed in was a life saver. Nuts, dried fruit and the occasional protein bar were ideal during the day because they were nutritionally dense and didn’t take up much space!


Customer Service Manager, Rhiannan:

Everyday is a lottery! I used Annabel Karmel’s books religiously – it meant my daughter would eat all sorts of strange ‘adult food’ and still eats absolutely anything! Which really helps when it comes to making sure she gets her protein!


Co-Founder, Nick:

A balanced diet plays such an important role in my son’s behaviour at school. If he regularly eats meals with protein, good fats, fruits, vegetables and fibre, his energy levels are constant throughout the day. However, if he misses a meal or doesn’t incorporate a balanced array of nutritionals over the day, he becomes very grumpy which leads to disruptive behaviour in the classroom or at home!


Business Development Executive, Steph:

I was quite a neurotic pregnant person when it came to my diet, I study nutrition in my spare time and the best advice I was given was to ‘eat a rainbow’ which is easiest to achieve by following a Mediterranean style diet, eggs, nuts and dark green foods are the way I got protein!

When it comes to my little girl Ruby, I have found the best way to keep her interested in her food and eating the right things is for her to be as involved as possible in the preparation; if I am making a smoothie, she helps with the fruit prep and putting all the ingredients in, often including some protein; I will make a little extra and she will have some too. If I want her to try new things I find the best way is to eat it myself first and curiosity will always get the better of her so she will try it. She prefers to eat my food rather than her own anyway! By doing this she will now have quinoa instead of rice/pasta!