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Nutritionist Fiona Campbell’s 5 top tips for healthy children’s snacking

As part of our collaboration with Burble Baby we are asking a collection of Pulsin People to give us their top 5 tips for healthy children’s snacking.

Today we have nutritionist and new mum Fiona Campbell.


    1. Eat Whole Foods
      Whole foods are not only better for you children but are also less expensive than sugary and processed foods. I always pack a small apple, banana, nectarine or pear in my baby bag – it keeps my little one busy for many valuable minutes.


    1. Get dipping!
      Children love to play with their food, and one way to keep more food on their tray (than on the surrounding floor) is to give them a dip for fruit and vegetables. Try apple slices with a spoonful of nut butter, or carrot / celery / cucumber sticks with a couple of spoonfuls of hummous.


    1. Get Creative!
      Create fun pictures with food. Faces, clouds, trees and flowers spark young imaginations and make snacks and mealtimes much more enjoyable.


    1. Keep it Regular
      Set a regular schedule for meals and try to stick to 1-2 snacks per day. The sooner you can establish healthy eating habits for your children, the better!


  1. Batch Cooking
    Make food in bulk to save both time and money. Useful staples in my fridge and freezer include breakfast muffins, homemade granola, pasta / pizza sauce (with lots of veggies whizzed in), and soups.