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Kiwi, Pineapple & Mango Vegan Power Green Smoothie



  • Half a cup of pineapple
  • 2 tbsp of ground flaxseeds
  • Gluten free oatmilk
  • Handful of walnuts, shredded coconut and organic vanilla powder (optional) to dress

This smoothie is such a vitamin powerhouse as well as a digestive healer:

Kiwi fruit has been known for its wonderful vitamin C and K content, powerful antioxidant protection qualities and as a source of fiber – but a number of human clinical studies have also found kiwifruit a highly effective way to provide relief from constipation.

Pineapples are famous for their antioxidant protection, anti-inflammatory properties (due to it’s Bromelian content) and immune support, a great source of Manganese and Thiamin which are really important for energy production and antioxidant defences. Besides the more than 20 different vitamins and minerals, mangos contain flavonoids, like betacarotene, alpha carotene, and beta-cryptoxanthin, which help vitamin A with its antioxidant strength and vision-protecting properties, maintaining healthy mucous membranes and skin.

Add the wonderful anti-inflammatory properties of the flax seeds and the blood sugar balancing pea protein, which is a great source of arginine, an amino acid your body needs to build muscle. Your body also needs more of this amino acid in times of stress and illness. It contains both essential and non essential amino acids, it’s hypoallergenic and it’s easy to digest . Add all the wonderful vitamins and phytonutrients from the other fruits and it will make you realise how truly powerful this smoothie is!


  1. Start with the oat milk and spinach and blend until smooth
  2. Add the rest of the fruit, Pulsin pea protein and the ground flaxseed and blend again
  3. Pour in your favourite bowl and dress with walnuts, shredded coconut and vanilla powder
  4. Enjoy!!


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