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Diabetes – complications

Complications of diabetes

To understand why it’s so important to manage blood sugar levels effectively, it’s essential to understand the far-reaching consequences of how uncontrolled blood sugar can affect the body.

When blood sugar levels are high, glucose ends up getting stuck to things it should not and causes oxidation, inflammation and glycation, causing long-term damage in many areas of the body.

Examples include:

  • Diabetics are 2-4 times are at greater risk of cardiovascular disease and death while 75% adults with diabetes have hypertension
  • When the blood cells behind the eye in the retina are glycated, they are damaged. This is the leading cause of blindness
  • Damage from sugar pushing through the kidneys is a leading reason for dialysis
  • 60-70% people with diabetes suffer mild to severe forms of nervous system damage. Seer damage is the major cause of lower limb amputations
  • Almost a third of diabetes mellitus sufferers have severe gum disease
  • Chronic pain, e.g. arthritis, neuropathy, circulatory insufficiency & muscle pain are common
  • Depression is a common accompaniment. It is difficult to treat in poorly controlled diabetics

Now that we’ve explored the different types of diabetes and the complications around these conditions, next week I will be exploring how to eat when you are living with diabetes.

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