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Winning the kids’ snack war

I’ve always seen myself as pretty non judgemental, but when my friends had kids I admit I was one of those (annoying) people who thought I could do better. I sat there in horror as I watched their toddlers running around like they were on speed, after snacking on biscuits and cakes, helping themselves to the biscuit tin before they even knew how to talk. There is no way I’ll give in to pressure from a 3 year old, I thought. I’m strong. I don’t need treats to satisfy my kids, I will be disciplined. My kids won’t even know what treats are.

For a while it worked, I told my kid water was the only drink around so he didn’t know of the existence of juice or squash. You can’t miss what you don’t know, right? In fact, I had an even more cunning plan. What if I got him to believe that Broccoli and Carrots were actually treats? “Mmmm, look at this lovely er…Kale ‘treat’, you can only have it if you are a really good boy…oh go on then.” This actually worked for a while and has certainly given him a taste for vegetables, but of course there is a vital flaw in my plan, nursery, friends, er….life!

Fast forward a few years and here I am bribing my son with treats to get him to leave the house, sit in his pushchair, eat his dinner, even to clean his teeth. Oh the irony!

Pulsin_Kids_Orange_Packs-sBut there is a clever twist in this tale. I’m sitting here feeling rather pleased with myself because I’ve discovered Pulsin kids snacks, cleverly packaged with an owl, fox and deer cartoons on the front. They look like treats, they taste like treats, but they are NOT treats, or not as we know it. “Mummy, can I have a foxy snack” he whines, “Only if you x, y or z” I’ll chirp feeling smug. Yes I am bribing him, yes I’m THAT mum, but I’m making him feel he’s being rewarded with a treat, when in fact I’m giving him one of his 5 a day, gluten free, dairy free and with no artificial ingredients. Ha ha ha, I feel triumphant.

The thing about kids is they copy everything they see, and if they see you munching on biscuits and dunking them in your tea, they’ll want to do the same, and seriously, you wouldn’t believe how many 6 year olds I know who drink tea, yes tea! Don’t get me started….So that’s where Pulsin has helped me out.

Mixed-ProteinSnacks_lowI’ll admit it, I love sugar, I love sweet things, and I’ve always been that lucky one who ate that extra chocolate bar and didn’t put on weight. I never knew what it was like to diet until I had my baby. I’ll never forget buying apples from a fruit and veg stall on Tooting high street 3 weeks after my baby was born. “Congrats love, when are you due” barked the stall owner, the look on my face told her everything she needed to know, and I realised my relationship with food was about to change. No longer could I chomp on everything I wanted (btw that baby weight took a good year to come off, working harder than I’ve ever worked before) I had to come up with a plan.

This is where Pulsin comes in. So here I am expecting my second child, I crave sugar all the time, and I’m not feeling especially strong willed right now and so I’m giving into my temptations (I convince myself I need to keep my blood sugar levels up) but if I have a Pulsin bar to hand it means I can get my fix, but not in donut form. They are protein rich and give you sustained energy release, so no sugar crashes, and….(and, I return to my initial point before going off on one of my usual tangents) if my 3 year old sees me eating one and wants some, he can have some, with pleasure. I’m training him to have a taste for these quality snacks rather than my old best friends chocolate and cake.

So yes, I’m that judgemental mum, yes I’m that smug parent, and yes, in this war of the snacks, I win….sort of!