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introducing our ready to drink protein shakes

Introducing Our New Vegan Ready To Drink Protein Shake Range!

In 2019/2020 we had been working on one of the most exciting projects in Pulsin’s history. We decided it was time to spread our wings and create a product unlike any other we’d ever made… the ultimate plant-based ready to drink protein shake! Available in two super flavours; Iced Coffee and Cacao & Maca (we’ll come on to the amazing benefits a bit later).

See why we were so excited?

They’re the on-the-go answer to all your nutritional needs, whether that be at the gym, on your commute, after a run, at work, on the school drop off, the dog walk, on the train, the bus, the long drives to see your family in the lake district…

But just as we were about to launch things changed… lockdown happened and staying home became the new going out.

But that didn't stop us from launching, oh no, because you can enjoy them anywhere!

  • Working from home? Take a break and head out into the garden for a protein Iced coffee and some sun.
  • Quickly down one on the 5-minute cross over between teaching your kids algebra and ancient history.
  • Elegantly sip our Cacao & Maca protein drink on your work video call to make your colleagues jealous - 15 grams of plant protein, only 2 grams of sugar and it’s high in fibre it’s a revelation, they cry! -It’s delicious too will be your response.
  • Leisurely midday bath with a good book and your favourite Pulsin ready to drink? Your new Wednesday routine.
  • The perfect pick me up after your daily exercise.

There are some of us who are more on-the-go than ever before, the key workers and the NHS heroes, this is for them most of all. If you have someone close to you venturing out each day, why not send them a case so they’ve always got something nutritious at hand.

There are two flavours in the ready to drink protein shake range, Cacao & Maca flavour and Iced Coffee flavour, made using high quality Arabica coffee beans. Both benefit from being dairy-free, gluten-free, low in sugar, high in fibre and are enriched with B Vitamins to support energy metabolism. These delicious drinks are best served cold and provide the perfect plant-based protein boost.

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