Winter Workout Secrets (that personal trainers don’t want you to know about…)

Darker evenings, colder weather, a lack of sunshine, comfort eating to cheer up…is it any wonder so many gyms, health clubs and even personal trainers look forward to a surge in trade each January?!

Fortunately, there are some strategies you can apply, in order to avoid becoming the winter cliché the fitness industry often depends on. I’ve previously explored Avoiding the Winter Weight Gain, so let’s now address two un-healthy habits so many of us fall short of each winter – and how we can overcome them.

Not Moving

We know the solution, but need to remember that a general lack of every day movement can be responsible for a range of long-term health problems; the most common being heart disease and depression.

Short-term problems such as lethargy, lack of energy (no motivation or mojo…) and muscle/joint soreness (lower back pain, neck pain…) sadly often become a part of peoples’ lives as they are so used to experiencing them. Whereas a sedentary job and being sat in the same position for long periods of time at a desk or driving, can contribute massively to all of the above, it does not in any sense mean nothing can be done about it!

Many of my personal training clients set an alarm every thirty minutes, to remind them to get up and walk around the office, or perform some mobility stretches whilst in their chair. The difference in terms of improved energy levels, mood, joint-aches and even physical appearance is nothing short of remarkable!

I was also recently inspired by my 99 year old Aunt, who performs a whole range of what we call ‘chairobics’. These upper body exercises keep her strong, flexible and able to still perform regular household tasks. I’ve never met a more positive example of the power of movement! And she can still touch her toes…

No Fresh Air

This plus central heating equals a classic recipe for lethargy – and overeating! We are so proud to have helped many lovely ladies of Southampton overcome this with our Boot camp classes.

The combination of exercises designed to mobilise and challenge every muscle of the body, along with fresh air, nutritional guidance and a positive environment has resulted in a new healthy habit that is now part of these peoples’ lives – not another fad! Try a few different outdoor classes in your area (most should offer a free taster, as we do.) Once you have found the right one for you, get ready for your healthiest winter yet starting with a healthy habit for life.

Good luck! Gen x