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We survived the Devil’s playground!

The Devil Mud Run is no mean feat. It’s an intense 9km hilly course with over 31 obstacles and more mud than you could possibly imagine! We couldn’t have been happier to be the main sponsors for Gloucestershire’s Devil Mud Run. It was a massive success, and everyone involved smashed it!

An annual event, this year there was a fantastic turn out, with people coming from across the country to get stuck in. It took skill, stamina, and determination. Participants didn’t just run, they slid, swam, waded and rolled their way to victory!

Competitors of all abilities were encouraged to take part, from elite sportsman taking on the course twice, to teams doing it together just for fun.

One of these teams was comprised of Pulsin HQ’s bravest who took on the course together. They gave us an insight into what it was really like!



“What an experience! This was my first extreme fitness activity and though I found it very challenging, it was amazing to complete it with the Pulsin team. The sense of achievement was incredible . . . as was the quantity of mud I was wearing by the end!” – Steff

                          IMG_1893                          IMG_1901


“The Devil Mud Run was a definite challenge with some seriously steep hill running and veeeeery muddy streams to cross but was such great fun and everyone was so encouraging and supportive (especially when leg-ups were needed over 8 foot walls). It was a great event for the company to sponsor and I would love to do it all over again if we decided to make it an annual sponsorship.” – Katrina

IMG_3088                           IMG_3121                      IMG_3122


“In general it was great fun and better than I thought, would definitely do again. Was easy to achieve from any level of fitness and people shouldn’t be put off the 10k element! 10/10 would do again even though it was a rollercoaster of emotions” – Mark

IMG_3096                         IMG_1896                    IMG_3155


“Hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done but such a fantastic achievement to finish and with all members of our team in one piece. Great fun and look forward to doing the next one!” – Hattie

IMG_3090                          IMG_1894                          IMG_1901


“I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of the Devil Mud Run from the warm up before the start to wading across the finish line up to my waist in muddy water. The obstacles were great (especially the mudslide) and there were so many of them I hardly noticed that I had run 10k in between. I can’t wait to do the next one.” – Simon

IMG_3092                            IMG_1896                          IMG_1899


Are you inspired? Why not take part in the next event!

Next Event: Devil Glow Run Saturday October 27th 2018, 5km of Devil Mud Run…In the dark!