We’re making London a protein lover’s paradise!

£600 of protein powder and snacks waiting to be found in world first Snapchat Map Snack Drop

That’s right – will be staging the world’s first Snapchat Map Snack Drop on Thursday 17th August in locations around London.

Throughout the day, we’ll be dropping Protein Packages full of our best-selling protein snacks and powders, in different locations across central London, for you to find via the Snapchat Map feature!

To take part, you can either download the Snapchat app (if you haven’t already), add pulsinuk as a friend and keep an eye on our bitmoji and snaps to see where we are. Not a Snapchat user? No problem, you can also sign-up to receive email notifications of each protein package’s location below:

First Name

You must sign-up via email by 5pm the day before the drop, on Wednesday 16th August. There is no deadline for Snapchat users to sign-up. The first email detailing the first drop’s location will be sent at 10.30am to registered parties on the morning of the drop. Snapchat participants will have to open Snapchat and search for Pulsin’s bitmoji on the map to find out exactly where each package is located.

There will be six drops around central London between 11am-3pm and you will have half an hour to find each package before the drop moves onto the next area.

Finders Keepers is the only rule! Be sure to share your hunting snaps with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@pulsinandbeond) and of course Snapchat.

Good luck!