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Chris currie part 1 main image .jpg
Chris currie part 1 main image .jpg

chris currie rebuilding from the ground up part 3


Chris Currie tells us more about his recovery journey after being diagnosed with bowel cancer in September 2016 and then having a major stroke. You can find part 2 of his story here.

Continuing to rebuild with my physios, I would always try and do a little extra whilst they were not with me for the six weeks I had with them. Fast forward to March 2019 I set myself a 2K walking challenge from a local park to home; it took 49mins. I am now starting to run in sections over almost 8K with a time of 1hr.6mins. My BPM is now 68 avg which is very pleasing.

My aim is to run the London British 10K run like I did in 2010. Again, step by step that’s the aim. In order for me to perform, it is also important to eat healthily consistently, to fuel my body and mind with the correct foods. Going from the hospital food, to now having regular smoothies, adding in the Pulsin protein powders, to help with muscle growth. Take a look at my blog image beneath, where you can see my smoothie smiling, it must’ve been happy too. Step by step, I’m rebuilding in the right direction both mentally and physically. Ensuring my hearts always Pulsin ;) 

Running, swimming, and playing most sports in general like I used to pre-2016; was going to be the biggest challenge yet to get back to. I am determined to never to give up and now I am starting to play sports like Tennis without having to think about it consciously. My brain is naturally reigniting where I left off, my movement, balance and coordination are improving each time. Step by step.

I also like to start my running practice early in the mornings getting up at 5.20am and be outside and ready to go at 5.45am, as I have the roads all to myself whilst everyone is asleep. I prefer the colder months, as it feels fresh; plus it releases all the endorphins to start your day on a positive note and you’ll reap the rewards afterwards. I would recommend building up to this early start, but once you do it once it’ll become easier and easier each time. I am still rebuilding my hand and arm, which are making good improvements, it just takes time, due to the fine motoring skills to enable extension of the hand. It’ll come.

With any setback, it is very important to not attach yourself to the outcome, these things take time. Think about it in mini steps; I call it the ‘mini visions’ you need to take to enable yourself, to be able to do so and get there. It’ll minimise stress and reduce anxiety. Make sure you take a deep breath and then think of the next micro step. I always think that if you look after your body both mentally and physically, your body will look after you as you get older. Eat healthy, think healthy, sleep healthy, perform healthy and watch your body thrive. The rebuilding continues to get me closer to my old self.

Remember any obstacle you’re faced with, keep calm and let the cycle flow and you will get there.

I hope my journey has helped you in some way and you enjoyed the series. Be the best at getting back to your best. Keep smiling.

This is the third part of Chris’s story on his road to recovery, check out our blog for part 1 and 2!


Chris’s Pulsin Top Picks

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Chris Currie Rebuilding From The Ground Up Part 3 Smoothie | Pulsin Article | Wellbeing
Chris Currie Rebuilding From The Ground Up Part 3 Fitness| Pulsin Article | Wellbeing
Chris Currie

Chris Currie Cancer and Stroke survivor with a goal of becoming a fitness and health advocate. He is currently rebuilding from the ground up, with a deep passion for passing on his life lessons to others. Chris is a firm believer that if you take mini vision micro steps towards any obstacle challenge or goal, you will find a new path that will guide you to help manage anxieties. Cementing new habits and installing positivity into your subconscious mind.

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Chris currie part 1 main image .jpg
We're shining a light on Chris's bowel cancer journey and follow his recovery in this 3 part series!


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