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Alison Bender’s 5 top tips for children’s healthy snacking

As part of our collaboration with Burble Baby we are asking a collection of Pulsin People to give us their top 5 tips for healthy children’s snacking.

Today we have Pulsin ambassador, reporter and mum of two Alison Bender.


I have a 1 year old and a 4 year old and do feel a little guilty that my 4 year old had a much healthier start to life, I was much more disciplined and frankly had more time to dedicate to it, but here are a few little tips from a busy mum of two.

      This is not rocket science, it’s the same with us. If you have chocolate lying around (like we did all Christmas) you’ll eat it. I prefer my 4 year old to drink water rather than anything else (due to teeth and health, but also a medical condition he has) but it’s not fair to have squash on the kitchen side, or juice in the fridge if he’s not allowed it. So quite simply we just don’t have the things lying around that we don’t want him to “want.”


      First of all this does not last forever. Once your child ventures out into the real world they will learn broccoli is not a treat but cakes are, but it certainly worked for his first 3 years. To me, those are such important years. Everything your child puts into their body is their building blocks, I can practically see my one year old growing by the day. I did this with vegetables using different language “If you’re really good you can have a carrot” rather than a biscuit. I have to admit I’ve failed miserably with child number two on this, front but it worked with my eldest.


      As an ambassador of Pulsin I always have their wonderful snack bars on me. I use them as treats and rewards so they feel they are getting a treat rather than me giving them something that is healthy. I love the fact they have a fox, rabbit and owl on them as it helps with the fun and the language “you can have a foxy snack” sounds better than “you can have a Pulsin snack” to a four year old. ”Children also love to copy their parents so whatever you are eating they will want too. I’m constantly eating Pulsin bars, so it’s great if they want to copy me, job done!


    1. RAISINS
      Raisins are the ultimate super snack. They are a brilliant one because they appear to take time and effort to eat so it keeps the kids busy as well as healthy. I pretty much always carry those little packets with me.


    Children are smarter than we think. I have to keep reminding myself I was FOUR when I decided to become vegetarian. My mum hated it because it was impossible to find food for veggies in those days, and she would try and trick me, but I always seemed to know. For that reason the more you explain “why” to kids, the more they will take on board. I try to bake when I can with the children so they can see what goes into stuff and understand food better. So rather than telling my children they can’t have chocolate all the time, I’ll tell them they can if they want to have no teeth like their granny. Every time they see her you can actually see the cogs whirring.