Get to know me…#PulsinPerson Phil Harris

What is your most recent box set obsession?

The most recent box set me and my partner got into was The Walking Dead, just before Christmas last year. I was interested in it so convinced her to start with me and we instantly became hooked on the story and the characters. We flew through 6 seasons in around 2 months, starting season 7 around the time it was ending on tv but never finished it, so undoubtedly we will go through that and then begin season 8 during the end of the year.


What is the last film you watched?

It had been a while since I watched any films but only last week I sat and watched The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It is a beautiful film with a lot of witty moments, and one that really made me think about what I would do in my life if I was ever in the same situation.


What book are you currently reading?

I never read books. I read a lot of articles online about sports events and news among other things, but what I do do in my spare time is play video games. I find playing on my Xbox and newly purchased Nintendo switch a great distraction and an escape from ‘normal’ life. My days can be really long and crazy, so even 30 minutes in the evening just to immerse myself Forza Horizon 3, or a quick bit of exploring and puzzle solving in Zelda between training sessions can just give me a nice reset. I really do enjoy a good story in a game. I recently played Tales From The Borderlands in which the decisions you make will change the outcome of the story. The writing was fantastic and I was getting emotionally involved, just like a lot of people do in books.


Who have you just started following on Instagram?

I recently performed an ice show in Billingham for the international folklore festival of world dance with some incredible acts from the likes of Tahiti and Taiwan. I have been following some of the performers on Instagram and Facebook to keep in contact and keep up with what they are doing. Just before that I began to follow the official crossfit accounts. I have become interested in crossfit recently and I now train in a crossfit way but tailor it to what I need. I find discovering new workouts and creating workouts in a different way really exciting. It’s also nice to have little competitions with my personal trainer.


Phil Harris is Britain’s #1 ranked male Figure Skater, 2x National Champion and skating coach. Find out more about him on his ambassador page.