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Dan Geisler’s Journey to Iron Man

Pulsin Person Dan Geisler chats to Pulsin HQ about starting to train for an ironman triathlon!

Racing triathlon has been a lifeline to me, sounds very deep and meaningful I know, but it has helped me out a lot in the past few years. More so than ever it has allowed me to unwind, de-stress, stay healthy, meet new people, travel the world and much more.  This was why at the closing point of this years triathlon season I realised I was ready for something new within the world of triathlon, to embrace a new challenge, a new journey.  One I could fully commit to, no cutting corners, no half measures, a new journey to improve myself and further test everything I do and find out anything I don’t already know about me as a person and as an athlete.

We can never really know what we are capable of until we test it, how can you say you will not be good at something without even giving it a go? It is impossible to already know. We all fear the unknown and without pushing the boundaries we will never ever know what we can really achieve.

Now to date, I have worked hard and am thankful to have achieved multiple triathlon wins and countless podiums at a range of triathlon distances. Including a silver medal in standard distance duathlon world championships and a range of non multisport wins in other disciplines. So hard work and commitment is something I am not afraid of, something I do not see as a chore and something I actually enjoy. I just needed a new journey, one to stimulate the mind and provide the body with new challenges. I have always embraced the saying that if you enjoy the journey then you will most certainly enjoy the outcome.

I have decided my new journey will be something that is seen by many as one of the toughest in triathlon and this will be a full distance triathlon … otherwise known as an ironman. To achieve what I want from this race it will take committing to longer training hours, big days and a new approach to racing. But it is a challenge I am overjoyed to begin and already thinking about more and more.

The chosen venue, Copenhagen, date, Aug 2020.

Let the journey begin.

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