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Protein is key.

It’s key to training, key to recovery, key to building muscle mass . . . 

. . it’s key to a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby too!

Though squat jumps and burpees are a distant memory during the latter stages of pregnancy, it’s important not to turn your back on nutrition as you kiss goodbye to your ankles.

The science bit:

Protein is made up of amino acids and these are the building blocks of your body’s cells and if you’re pregnant, then that’s your baby’s body too! So, it’s essential to consume enough protein throughout your pregnancy, especially during the second and third trimesters, when your baby is growing fast.

It is recommended that women consume 46g of protein per day, but when pregnant or breastfeeding that should be increased to around 71g per day. Protein is a vital component of breast milk, so consuming plenty can help to maximize milk supply to omptimise your baby’s development. This can often be achieved simply by scoffing protein-rich foods. Eating three or four servings of protein daily may sound a lot, but that’s actually only two glasses of milk, a 5-ounce chicken breast, and two cups of yogurt.

Don’t eat meat?

For those vegans, vegetarians and lean meat haters out there, don’t worry, you’re in luck too. There are thousands of utterly scrumptious protein-rich recipes using unflavoured protein powders to boost your intake.

So whether it’s protein pancakes, snacks, frozen yoghurt slices, porridge or simply fortifying a Spaghetti Bolognese that takes your fancy, you can easily increase your protein levels with a generous sprinkling of protein powder, or munch away on a delicious protein bar – the perfect on-the-go snack, they can be easily sandwiched between the nappies and the teething gel of your fancy changing bag.

Pulsin HQ

Creating award-winning nutritious snacks and protein since 2007...we've whipped up a range of delicious recipes in the Pulsin kitchen for you to try out at home, along with some informative blogs, including top tips and advice!

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