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Phil Harris

Phil Harris

Figure Skater
5' 7"
UK Ranking:
World Ranking:


Phil began skating at 11 years of age in Blackpool. He moved to Coventry in 2009 to train, and after a few injury setbacks, became national champion in 2014 and has retained his title through to 2018.

During October 2017 he scored 208.97, the highest score for a British male skater and a British record. Then in December 2017 he retained the national championship title with a score of 210.37, breaking his own original score and setting another British record!

In January 2018 at the European Championships, Phil achieved yet another personal best and broke the British record for the free skate (during the 2nd day) and achieved the best overall score for a British male at a major championship.

Phil also coaches alongside his training to help fund his competitive career, and build blocks for the future.


Greatest achievement so far?
Winning back to back national championships is an incredible achievement, but for me it is qualifying and competing at the world championships. I was the highest placed British male for 18 years, and the first to qualify for the free skate on day two in 12. I am proud that I can represent my country in such a positive and encouraging way.
How do you spend your free time?
What free time?! I am always on the go. When I am not training on the ice I’m in the gym. Between sessions I am eating, drinking, recovering. In the afternoons and weekends I am coaching, walking the dog then sleeping. I do like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking on a Sunday, and there is something extremely satisfying making a good successful Sunday roast. When I have the chance I enjoy getting involved with other sports, and do watch the formula 1 on race weekends.
What’s your greatest motivation?
My motivation is to compete at the Olympic Games. During the last Winter Olympics I missed out on the opportunity to qualify because of injury. I tore two ligaments in my ankle weeks before nationals. In all honesty, however, it has been a blessing in disguise and I have improved greatly since recovering, and am in the best shape of my life.
If you were stuck on a desert island and could take one person and one item, what and who would they be?
Firstly, I would have to take my girlfriend. She is always going on about these Bear Grylls island programmes, so she would love it. We do like going on adventures together and she would be extremely jealous if I got stuck on an island without her (strange I know). Plus she likes beach holidays and would enjoy the peace. It is not an item as such, but I would have to take my sausage dog Rodney. We would have endless fun running around the island, exploring, playing fetch with anything we could find and just going mental. I cannot sit for long periods of time doing nothing, so he would keep me sane.

Latest Results

World Championships 24th
European Championships 13th
National Championships 1st
28th Golden Bear International 2nd
World Championships 22nd