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Nick Butter

Nick Butter

Ultra Runner, Endurance Athlete, Adventurer and Charity Fundraiser
Cranborne, Dorset
6ft (just)


From the age of 11, Nick has nurtured an interest in pushing himself to the limits of his own physical endurance. His chosen vehicle for this ongoing challenge are his own legs (along with a few other well-connected body parts), which have already helped him complete over 300 marathons and taken him on non-stop endurance challenges of ‘easy’ 100 kilometres races up to 350 mile multi-day events.

Nick’s legs have also propelled him around the globe, through the deserts of Morocco on the punishing Marathon Des Sables; pounded him through the streets of Berlin, Barcelona, Helsinki, London, Paris and set him on a mission to grasp his first Guinness World Record, by running a marathon in every country in the world.

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How important is nutrition to you and why?
Nutrition is the building blocks of any athlete. There’s no point having a great coach, or training schedule if I then fill my body with food that won’t work with me. Good nutrition is key to every day life too. It can have a huge impact on mood, mental health and physical strength. In order for my body to recover from the brutal workouts and long runs my body needs protein to repair the muscle fibres. Due to the nature of my sport, I am often unable to consume the volume of calories I need to keep my tank from looking, and feeling very empty, it’s simply not possible. So filling my body with top quality natural ingredients that Puslin provides enables me to be the best possible version of me when running.
Greatest achievement so far?
I think my greatest achievement has to be a combination of two things. I have a heart condition that will result in one day my valves around my heart needing to be replaced. As a kid I made the conscious decision for it to not dictate what I do. So that’s number one. The second is having the courage to say yes to things… I worked for a long time as what I would call an office monkey. Someone that earns money by looking at a screen for a big company, moving some numbers around on a spreadsheet… That was me. Through various conversations and relationships with a number of key people in my life, I made the choice to step away from money, and into the world of sport and more specifically running. This has lead me to raise over £200,000 for charity and given me a much better sense of worth.
What’s your greatest motivation?
Every morning I think about the people that aren’t as lucky as me. The people suffering in the world, and how I believe that I have a duty to use my privileged time on the planet to my best. I stop having lazy days, and get out of bed 2 hours earlier than I use to. Did you know that if you get up 2 hours earlier every day, for a year, you give yourself an extra month of time. That’s time to anything I want. So I run.
If you were stuck on a desert island and could take one person and one item, what and who would they be?
I would take my camera and my brother. My brother is a very successful nurse, so he would look after me, but if things got really desperate I can run faster than him, so if we were attacked, he’d get eaten first.

Personal Bests

5KM 17:24
10KM 36:35
10 Miles 57:18
Half Marathon 01:22:45
Marathon 02:55:11
100KM 09:32
100 Miles 20:52
24 Hour 138 Miles
48 Hour 221 Miles