Emma Collins-Jones

Emma Collins-Jones

Weightlifter (and Yoga teacher)
Warrington but I grew up on the Wirral and now live in Bath
Women’s - 75kg Weightlifting
Oaklands Weightlifting Club, Team Bath
Bronze Medal at the British Championships 2017


I’ve been competing in Weightlifting for three years, placing third at the 2017 British Championships. I also teach Yoga in Bath, specialising in Hatha Flow, Gentle Yoga, and Yoga for Athletes.

When I’m not in the gym or yoga studio, you can find me on a countryside walk or in a coffee shop.


How important is nutrition to you and why?
I compete in a weight category sport, so nutrition is very important. I’m in the gym for up to three hours a day, plus teaching a few Yoga classes a day, so having good quality snacks is a must.
What’s your favourite way to keep fit?
I really think being ‘fit’ is about having balance. So, of course, I spend a lot of time in the gym but also time doing Yoga and meditation.
Greatest achievement so far?
I injured my back in early 2016 and there were days I thought I’d never be able to weight lift again so to have come back stronger and more determined is a great achievement.
What’s your greatest motivation?
The quote I have saved on my phone is ‘I want to see what happens if I don’t give up’. I am committed to weightlifting and sometimes that means only lifting a few kgs more each year but that’s enough motivation for me to keep going.

Latest Results

15/07/17 British Weightlifting Championships 2017 3rd place (179kg total)
10/06/17 Gloucester Open 1st Place (181kg total)
22/04/17 London Series 2 (170kg total)
21/01/17 English Championships 3rd Place (173kg total)
10/12/16 London Christmas Bash (166kg total)
26/03/16 London Series 1 (172kg total)