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Alison Bender

Alison Bender

TV and radio presenter and reporter
Kingston, UK


Alison Bender is a freelance TV and radio presenter and reporter specialising in football. Alison has worked for two of the world's biggest clubs at Chelsea TV and Real Madrid TV and a whole host of global sports channels including Sky Sports News, ITV and ESPN.

Alison breaks live team news and interviews players and managers at league and Champions league games, and appears regularly on the radio and on football podcasts.

Alison can be seen hosting live match-day shows and highlights programmes, as well as hosting live sporting events.


How important is nutrition to you and why?
I was a vegetarian for over 20 years from a very young age so good nutrition is something I’ve always been aware of. It always annoyed me that so many veggie meals did not taste good so my aim has always been to find good food and not have to compromise on taste! I’m constantly on the go and loooove food so I need to make sure I’m eating healthily.
What’s your favourite way to keep fit?
I’ve always loved dancing, especially hip hop. Something most people don’t know- I used to be a break dancer! These days it’s less hip hop and more yoga, pilates and swimming, but a few glasses of wine and a dance floor and you’ll soon catch me spinning on my head!
Greatest achievement so far?
Moving to Spain to set up Real Madrid TV. I’m proud because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. I packed a suitcase with a one-way ticket to Spain to follow my dream as a TV presenter. It was the toughest test but it was the moment that changed my career.
What’s your favourite meal/recipe?
It’s hardly a recipe but I’m in love with my NutriBullet. I’ve had it years and it’s the one gadget that hasn’t gone back in the cupboard. I’ve always used yoghurt and banana as a base, but when I discovered the Pulsin protein powders it was a game changer. I make myself a shake after all my sport and my son and I have one to start the day. He’s not even three and he knows how to make a mean smoothie!

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