Ali Hay

Ali Hay

Ninja Warrior, Snowboarder, Skateboarder, PT
5, 8"


My entire life has been based around sport or fitness, ever since I was a child I'd try and climb something that didn't look climbable or lift something that was probably to heavy for me to lift. Suffering from Chronic asthma my whole life I always had this mindset if I can be the best with it, imagine what I'd be like without it! I feel that kept me focused whenever i struggled with it or with say had an injury.

I played basketball for Scotland at 16 for under the 18's but was unfortunately cut short due to a hernia (probably lifting something I shouldn't have) and then went on to study personal training (Taught me how to lift properly). With this training came knowledge that has changed my life and that of those who are around me or have trained with me.

Now at 28 I own 2 businesses (an events business and a clothing brand) am an ambassador for Asthma UK. I am also the chair and founder of the Kelso Skatepark Project. The project has been running for 6 years now and has the main goal of building the first concrete skatepark in the Scottish borders and the largest in the south of Scotland. I am delighted to announce that work will commence on the build imminently.

I also skateboard, snowboard, coach/play basketball, coach/do gymnastics, take Ninja classes, free run, boulder/top rope climb, mountain bike, martial arts, calisthenics/weight training, and more exhausting than any of those, I'm a father of 2 wee boys.

In Early 2017 I also competed on ITV's Ninja Warrior UK. I made it to stage 2 of the finals and became the furthest Scot on any of the shows world wide. My training incorporates what is fast becoming an industry in itself - functional training - something that i enjoy more than any training I have ever done. I aim now to compete and hopefully win Season 4 Ninja Warrior UK and you can see me competing in the Spring of 2018. I also plan to compete on Indonesian Ninja Warrior, the National Ninja League in the USA and a host of UK based Ninja comps.

This is where my nutrition is so important. This kind of training doesn't just need standard supplements. It needs good, clean and effective nourishment. Something I feel is lost on many people in the industry today. This is where Pulsin comes in. The products they create are exactly what I need to keep myself strong and effective as well as healthy and balanced.


How important is nutrition to you and why?
As a personal trainer I've studied how nutrition effects everything you do. I am also mildly lactose intolerant and try to avoid gluten. I've chosen to avoid dairy and gluten as it slows down my recovery levels as well as effects the body in a negative way. Nutrition is key whether you are a pro athlete or you just want to feel good and live a healthy lifestyle.
What’s your favourite way to keep fit?
I love my ninja training. This involves lots of body weight calisthenics, power lifting but also heaps of climbing swing and basically being the more evolved apes that we are.
Greatest achievement so far?
Will always be my two boys. But for fitness I'd say either building the first concrete skatepark in the Scottish borders and biggest in south or becoming the furthest Scottish competitor on any of the worlds Ninja Warrior competitions.
If you were stuck on a desert island and could take one person and one item, what and who would they be?
Hmmm I'd probably take Tom Hanks as he's already been there and Wilson just to keep us company.

Latest News

Ali recently won his international qualifier in London for the UNAA (ultimate Ninja Athlete association) and will now be competing in the final next summer in the USA.
Kelso Skatepark recently opened. This is a project that Ali has been working on for a number of years and is the first of its kind in the Scottish Borders.
Ninja/functional fitness gym in Edinburgh is now open and Ali recently just held Scotland's first official Ninja Class!