Pancake Day Special!

Here at Pulsin’ HQ we love a good pancake recipe, so especially for Shrove Tuesday we’ve rounded up some of our favourite recipes from customers and bloggers alike!

So whether you are just looking for inspiration or want a recipe to follow this evening, check out our collection.

almond pancakesAlmond Joy Pea Protein Pancakes
– from Peachy Palate

Combining the flavours of almond, coconut, chocolate these pancakes are a taste sensation and have a double hit of protein. This incredible recipe includes pea protein in the pancakes themselves and whey protein in the chocolate sauce.

The perfect pancakes to start the day when you need a sweet treat!


hemp pancakesChocolate Hemp Protein Pancakes
– from Katherine Grace Fitness

If you’re looking for the perfect post workout pancake, then look no further!

Katherine has replaced flour with our Hemp Protein Powder to create a delicious and nutritious protein pancake with the luscious flavour of chocolate.


savoury crepesPerfect Grain Free Protein Crepes
– from Peachy Palate

Looking for a savoury pancake recipe? Then look no further than this one, which creates beautifully soft and grain free crepes!

Perfect as a savoury dish but you can always tweak the recipe slightly to use them as a delicious and filling dessert.


gingerbread pancakesGingerbread & Cranberry Protein Pancakes
– from

This recipe may have originally been created for Christmas, but the classic flavours of gingerbread and cranberry can be enjoyed all year round!

It’s a lovely simple recipe to create a stack of pancakes, which don’t need any further toppings.


giant pancakeMighty Jumbo Chocolate Protein Pancake
– from Peachy Palate

Rather than a batch of pancakes, here’s a recipe for one giant chocolate protein pancake!

This unique take on a pancake creates one jumbo, thick, fluffy, lightly fudgy chocolate protein pancake. Not for the fainthearted.


simple protein pancakeSimple Protein Pancakes
– from @spininstilettos

This is a great and very simple recipe for protein pancakes.

Featuring our Pea Protein Powder, they are a great breakfast choice for the weekend, or the perfect post workout snack!

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